2019 plans announced for Mason City Motor Speedway

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March 20, 2019

JAS Promotions, which includes Al Hejna, Todd Staley and Ryne Staley, have reached an agreement with the North Iowa Events Center to reduce the size and shape of the Mason City Motor Speedway racing surface.

The track, which currently measures over 2,700 feet all the way around in the middle will be shortened to nearly 1,500 feet in the middle.

"The track is going to be shortened quite a bit from what people have seen in the past," said Todd Staley. "As of today the plans are to get everything rolling on the shortening of the track then we will do some testing with the new track to make sure that everything is perfect before we begin putting black dirt onto the racing surface."

The team plans to begin dirt work as soon as the frost is out of the ground.

"In doing this, we want to make sure it is 100 percent an awesome track and one that drivers will be able to race anywhere—top, middle and bottom—to provide great racing action and entertainment for the fans."

All existing light poles will be moved to surround the new, shorter race track. With the amount of lights now, the newer track should be well lit.

The 2019 race season will see a limited number of events with plans to start sometime in July.